How many paintings have you installed at Florida International University’s College of Law and when were they made?
I’ve installed 6 paintings in the law school. They were made between 2000 and 2011.

Why did you choose to install the works at the College of Law?
An academic context is a great place to present my work as part of a serious discourse in which students and visitors alike can participate.  In fact, I have 20 large-scale paintings currently being displayed throughout the various buildings of FIU’s North, South and Miami Beach Campuses.

Why are the paintings so big?
They have to be.

How long did it take to make each one?
Between 6 months and 3 years.

Why did they take so long to make?
I have to organize the imagery and it doesn’t always come so easily. Often, I have to wipe away vast areas only to replace them with another demanding layer. A lot of thinking goes into each choice along the way.

Why are there so many images in each painting?
I’m interested in how images, meaning and meaninglessness interact. By including so much I can find new ways to explore this.  I’m curious about how representation can be extended and nullified with the same action.  On one hand, the crunch of images empties out signification. On the other, the web they create is loaded with complex allusion.

Why are the paintings so organized? 
Whether or not the images have meaning, meaninglessness matters too. Nowadays everything is a sign.  The organization allows me to examine narrative within a minimalist set of concerns.

Why have you wiped away large areas with textured color-fields in the more recent paintings displayed at the law school?
On the surface these zones appear to deplete meaning, but they are also extending it.  Not only because they have intent themselves, but because the ghosts of the images they’ve wiped away still exist. The color-fields are their index.

There are so many references to art history and contemporary art in the works. Why?
To help the paintings reach a new place.

Are you being cynical in diagramming various art world territories?
No. I’m not making cynical paintings. Even though I refer to the fashions of the art world, I do this to make something meaningful.

Do you have a website where people can learn more about you?
Yes I do. My website is

Paintings Installed at FIU Law

Jason Galbut Painting
Jason Galbut Painting
Jason Galbut Painting
Jason Galbut Painting
Jason Galbut Painting
Jason Galbut Painting
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