Moreno to Represent the Society for Pediatric Radiology at Meeting

Based on her recent work, Joelle Anne Moreno, associate dean and professor at the FIU College of Law, will represent the Society for Pediatric Radiology at the the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Ray E. Helfer Society.

The Helfer Society is an honorary society of physicians seeking to provide medical leadership regarding the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research concerning child abuse and neglect.

This year, their annual meeting will take place April 14 to 17, in the wine country of Sonoma, California.

Moreno’s recent work explores the scientific evidence offered in child homicide and abuse cases. It includes the the article, Dissent into Confusion: The Supreme Court, Denialism, and the False “Scientific” Controversy over Shaken Baby Syndrome, co-authored with Assistant District Attorney Brian Holmgren (Nashville, TN) forthcoming in the Utah Law Review.

“The growing problem is that in child abuse cases, especially cases involving abusive head trauma, a small group of well-paid defense medical witnesses have successfully advanced a range of outlier scientific-sounding theories that are not supported by the medical evidence and not accepted by the medical community,” said Moreno. “Unfortunately, these outlier theories have gained traction with the media, law professors looking for the next “Innocence Project,” and three members of the United States Supreme Court.”

View the annual meeting schedule

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