Manuel Gómez Discusses Law Abiding Behavior at Burning Man Festival

Manuel Gómez, Associate Professor at the Florida International University College of Law, recently discussed his research on the Burning Man festival for the Stanford Program in Law and Society called Order in the Desert: Law abiding Behavior at Burning Man. The presentation was held April 10 at Stanford Law School.

The Burning Man is a massive weeklong event that takes place in the Nevada Desert, which, when compared to similar events, shows one of the lowest crime rates, and high-level law abiding behavior.

In his presentation, Professor Gómez explained the factors that promote law-mindedness and voluntary cooperation at Burning Man in furtherance of social order. He also covered the relationship between legitimacy, voluntary cooperation and law abiding behavior in general.

The concept behind his presentation arose from an article Professor Gomez wrote after reading a case study of the event.

 - Daphne Saba

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