Back in April, Clay Kuhn of Clayton Tyler Kuhn, P.A., and Mirene Mairena of Mirene Mairena, P.A., received a phone call from a young woman whose car had been seriously rear-ended: an accident caused by a driver checking a lottery ticket. After an initial interview and preliminary investigation, it was clear their new client would require significant medical attention and surgery to address the injuries she had sustained.

The client’s injuries included major trauma to both wrists, and her surgically repaired back was re-aggravated. She endured bilateral carpel tunnel release surgery to her right wrist and months of physical therapy and treatment for her back. After the surgery, her right arm ballooned to three times its normal size caused by a blood clot following surgery which required several days of hospitalization. “Her recovery was not easy, but Mirene and I were with her every step of the way,” said Kuhn.

“In cases of this magnitude, our firms stress the importance of three things: liability, collectability, and damages,” Kuhn said. “Liability and collectability were not a major issue; however, the damages were extensive. That is where Mirene and I made every effort to ensure that our client had access to the medical attention she needed and the settlement she deserved.”

After months of negotiations, Mairena and Kuhn were able to obtain a six figure pre-suit settlement for the client from one of the insurance carriers. After further negotiations with the second insurance carrier, they obtained a settlement five times greater than their original offer. “Clay and I were able to secure this settlement by being creative and thinking outside the box,” said Mairena. “In order to convey to the insurance company that our client was a human being and not just a claim number, we had her send the adjuster handwritten notes in which she detailed her pain hardships.”  Mairena and Kuhn also sent the insurance companies medical articles from well-known doctors detailing the effects of blood clots on women. “We built relationships with the adjusters very early on in the case, which paid off.” said Mairena.

Both Mairena’s and Kuhn’s firms are housed inside FIU Law’s LawBridge™ facilities. “Our firms owe the FIU LawBridge™ program a debt of gratitude, not only for the success in this case, but for the success of both our firms,” said Mairena. “Being members of LawBridge™ gives us the opportunity to work with other bright and dedicated FIU Law grads,” said Kuhn. “The collaboration with our fellow LawBridge™ members gives us the ability to grow and experience the legal profession in a very unique way. It has given us the platform to succeed.”

Client Testimonial

After the accident my bills and other expenses where racking up and I was having trouble getting the rest of the necessary treatments I needed for my injuries. This is about the time I realized that I could no longer do this on my own without the help of a lawyer. Up until this point I was attempting to deal with all of this on my own, which added to my stress and pain. I was referred to Mirene and Clay from a friend who knew them from law school. These two people have been truly amazing, especially for dealing with me. Sometimes I was an emotional wreck because this accident cost me so much financially, emotionally, and professionally. They always listened to my concerns and made me feel like I could finally breathe. This accident involved two other insurance companies other than my own and has been a constant battle it seems. But Mirene and Clay managed to get me the best possible settlement; I will have enough to pay off all my medical expenses and the debt I accrued due to missing work. This accident has left me with a condition I will have to deal with for the rest of my life and thanks to Mirene and Clay; I will have enough money to provide for my future medical treatments. I don’t know how I can ever thank them for all that they have done for me.

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