IGLP Awards Research Grant to FIU Law Professor Cyra Choudhury

Florida International University College of Law Professor Cyra Choudhury has been awarded a Santander & IGLP (Institute for Global Law & Policy) Doha Collaborative Research Grant from Harvard Law School to support her research initiative,”Avenues of Legal Reform of Transnational and International Labor Laws in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia.”

The grant will enable Professor Choudhury to travel to South Asia to study male and female laborers who work in the Middle East, with a particular purpose of describing these experiences in order to inform a legal reform proposal.

“I’m delighted to receive this grant from Harvard which will allow me to travel to do field work on the legal framework regulating labor migration from India and Bangladesh to the Middle East.  Receiving a grant given on a competitive basis is an honor and I hope that it will spark an ongoing collaboration with other IGLP scholars working in the same vein,” said Choudhury.

Through the Collaborative Research Grant Program, the Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) seeks to facilitate innovative group research and writing projects in the fields of international law, society and political economy. Focusing on the emergence of new approaches to international law and global social justice, they support original and challenging intellectual work that might not otherwise find support.

Choudhury, an Associate Professor at Florida International Univeristy College of Law, focuses her scholarship on postcolonial theory and subaltern studies, critical theory, and identity, culture and nationalism. Her recent publications focus on the intersection of gender and religious identity in South Asia and the Muslim World and on international human rights theory.

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