Gabilondo Named One of 50 Most Influential Minority Law Professors

Lawyers of Color (LOC) recently selected the 50 most influential minority law professors, who are 50 years old or younger. The Florida International University College of Law is very pleased to announce that José Gabilondo has been named to this exceptional group.

LOC published the 1st annual edition of “The 50 Under 50 List” on May 15, 2013. The publication is available online and features profiles of these brilliant law professors. The publication also includes the names and racial and ethnic heritage of all minority law professors at 200 law schools and a comprehensive list of scholarships, fellowships and interns available to minority prospective and current law students.

Before joining the academy, José Gabilondo (A.B. Harvard; J.D. Boalt Hall) worked in financial market regulation at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the World Bank.  His scholarship focuses principally on debt markets.  He is co-author of Corporate Finance: Debt, Equity, and Derivative Markets and their Intermediaries in the American Casebook Series. He is a nationally recognized commentator in the Spanish-language media on financial and economic matters.

“Thanks in part to affirmative action and race-based remedial efforts, in the United States race and skin color no longer serve as reliable proxies for social position, ideology, or sensitivity to discrimination, if they ever did,” said Gabilondo.  “The Establishment – and that includes the legal academy – now has some color in it.  The structural inequality and power abuses that inspired these remedial efforts continue, however, sometimes even under the mask of diversity.  So don’t judge a book by its cover.”

LOC’s editorial team, together with a group of advisers, spent months researching prospective candidates. The selection committee read trade publications, blogs, and critical reviews. The committee considered a candidate’s influence and relevance both within and beyond the academy.

Lawyers of Color, which was founded as On Being A Black Lawyer, has been recognized by the American Bar Association, National Black Law Students Association, and National Association of Black Journalists. Founded in 2008 as a news and resource center, the company has grown into a social media firm providing research, career development, and brand marketing opportunities to clients.

RELATED: On May 10th on CNN Dinero, Gabilondo analyzed the two major legal challenges to Affirmative Action now pending in the United States Supreme Court.  He emphasized the need to complement race-based remedies by targeting economic inequality more directly in selective admissions.

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