FIU Law students Francisco Reyes (4L) and Kristen Pesicek (3L) are finalists for the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program. The PMF program is a leadership development program for candidates, with an advanced degree, that focuses on developing a corps of potential government leaders. It was created more than three decades ago by Executive Order. Fellows can apply for a position with a wide range of government agencies, including the State Department, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, among others.

It was through FIU Law’s Abraham S. Ovadia Career Planning and Placement Office (CP&P) that the students learned of this special opportunity.

“I am very proud of Francisco and Kristen,” boasted Assistant Dean of Career Planning and Placement Ana Bierman. “The PMF program is one of the best avenues for graduating students who are interested in public service and would like to work for the federal government.”   

For Reyes, learning that he is a candidate is exciting. “It is one of the highest honors to have been selected as a PMF finalist because the focus of the program is to develop a cadre of potential government leaders committed to quality of work and service to our country.  Since early childhood, I have always believed that every person has a higher purpose in life; a purpose that embraces the principles of personal achievement, spiritual growth, and service to others. As a result, I committed at an early age to pursue a career in public service.  Appointment to a federal government position as a Presidential Management Fellow represents the ideal opportunity for continuing down this professional path,” he shared.

Pesicek agrees “I am incredibly humbled to be included in this year’s class of Presidential Management Fellows. This leadership program brings together a dynamic and diverse group of professionals. Thanks to FIU Law’s evening program, I am prepared to be a part of this challenging program. The accessibility of FIU’s Law’s evening program creates a unique environment that brings together working professionals from a wide spectrum of industries with a varied set of experiences, she said.

Both Reyes and Pesicek recognize that their FIU Law education played a role in the selection. “Since my interest lies in government positions related to national security and international affairs, I made sure to highlight the international and comparative law component of FIU Law during the entire application process, as well as the superior writing skills that FIU Law students obtained as a result of its LSV program,” Reyes said.

PMF is a two-year appointment.  

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