FIU Law Hosts Panel Discussion on Gender Issues in the Legal Profession

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the FIU College of Law hosted the panel discussion “Gender Issues in the Legal Profession: Global Perspectives.” with distinguished international women judges and scholars.

The panel, moderated by Judge Judith C. Chirlin, (Ret.) Los Angeles Superior Court, focused on gender issues in the legal profession.

Discussing the most pressing issues in their respective countries, were featured panelist Professor Kerri L. Stone (U.S.), Florida International University College of Law; Judge Svetlana Filincova (The Republic of Moldova), Supreme Court of Justice; Judge Sofia Waqar Khattak (Pakistan), District & Sessions Judge, Peshawar High Court; Judge Gift Dorothy Mtendere Makanje (The Republic of Malawi), Senior Resident Magistrate for the Malawi Judiciary; Judge Thokozani Agnes Nyirenda-Patemba (The Republic of Malawi), Assistant Registrar High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal; and Judge Ivana Hrdlickova, Ph.D. (The Czech Republic), Appellate Court in the Czech Republic, Legal Expert of Council of Europe.

“The panel could not have been more timely and important due to the plight and challenges of women worldwide who seek equality in employment and in public life, as well as meaningful protection under the law in their private lives,” said Professor Kerri L. Stone. “To have had the perspective of any one of our guests would have been incredibly interesting and valuable; to be a party to the discourse among all of them was a privilege,” she said.

Courtney Walter (3L), audience member and editor in chief of the FIU Law Review, described the panel as “fascinating.”  She added, “as a future female attorney, I am especially grateful for the educational and professional opportunities that I have been given in the United States.   This conversation is crucial to understanding each other, and necessary to transcend international barriers.  It allows women from all over the world to continue to move forward in the direction of equal representation in the legal field.  It was a wonderful experience.”

“This is yet another example of the thoughtful, innovative programming being done by the College of Law. Our students were able to gain, first-hand, the invaluable perspectives and insights of female judges from around the globe, and more global leaders gained access to and knowledge of the College of Law and Florida International University,” Professor Kerri L. Stone concluded.

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