Courtesy of Desmond Meade

In the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), law student Desmond Meade addresses how he is “taking his message to Washington, D.C. where he will speak at a Congressional briefing about the Democracy Restoration Act. The DRA would give Desmond and others like him the chance to participate in the democratic process by restoring voting rights in federal elections to the approximately four million Americans who are no longer incarcerated, but are denied the right to vote because they once served criminal sentences.”

Desmond Meade is the current president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC), and a 2nd-year law student at Florida International University College of Law.

The Democracy Restoration Act: Everyone Deserves a Voice

Six years ago, Desmond Meade stood along a set of railroad tracks and considered jumping in front of an oncoming train. Homeless, unemployed and recently released from prison, Desmond felt out of options, and couldn’t imagine a future for himself. Thankfully, Desmond did not end his life that day, but instead, incredibly, found the courage to turn it around completely. Today, he is a second-year law student at Florida International University College of Law and president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Desmond not only survived that dark period, but he drew on his experiences to help others. He now advocates on behalf of other formerly incarcerated individuals who, like him, have been stripped of the right to vote even though they have changed their lives and are now living and working in their communities… Read more at »

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