Charlyn M. Stanberry Offers Advice in the Black Pre-Law Magazine

Charlyn M. StanberryMembers of the 2012-2013 Executive Board of the National Black Law Students Association were asked to give their best advice on what Black pre-law students should do to prepare for a successful law school experience. Here is what they wanted to share.


As a third-year Black law student, I know that part of my duty is to assist the next generation of Black law students. In order to prepare for law school, Black college and graduate students should consider the following five steps (same advice I give my mentees).

(1) Find a mentor. Consider finding a mentor in a local bar association, a family friend who happens to be an attorney, or a person who is currently in law school. The key to success is finding answers for questions you may have. Mentors can answer your questions about law school and assist you with the law school application process.

(2) Create a support system. You will go through so many changes before, during, and after law school such that a good support system could make or break your success. If it wasn’t for my parents, brother, family, and friends I know that I would not have been able to survive law school.

(3) Research organizations that assist students interested in attending law school. For the past three years, I have actively been involved with the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) program which helped with my acceptance into FIU College of Law.

(4) Utilize your resources. Consider taking the LSAT prep course and attending workshops that assist with the application process. While in law school, you will need to utilize your resources for class outlines, supplements, and books.

(5) Keep an open mind. Keep an open mind in regards to the schools you would like to apply for, the type of law you’re interested in, and how you envision yourself as a future attorney. During this process, you will be exposed to so much that you will learn that change is good.

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