Eric. S. Brumfield ’10 knows the importance of gaining practical experience while attending law school. He believes students who acquire ‘real life’ experience while in law school set themselves apart when they enter the job from those students who only have classroom experience. It’s the ‘real life’ experience that provides vital skills students often times do not learn in law school.

With this thought in mind, and needing additional help at his growing firm, Brumfield & Willis, Brumfield hired FIU Law second-year Wayne Russell. “I know FIU Law trains quality lawyers who can help our firm, and I know from first-hand experience that working in the legal field while in law school is a tremendous benefit once you enter the work force,” said Brumfield. “It is really a win-win for us. The student gains valuable experience and we get quality work product.” 

Russell echoed Brumfield’s sentiments. “Working at the firm has been an invaluable experience which has, undoubtedly, prepared me for practice,” Russell said. “I thank Eric for giving me this opportunity and I hope more FIU Law alumni will follow his lead.  I know my classmates would appreciate the opportunity to work at a firm while in school.” 

While at FIU Law, Brumfield interned at the U.S. Coast Guard’s JAG Office and at the Miami-Dade Office of the Public Defender. “Those experiences helped me become a better lawyer,” said Brumfield. He noted that he will continue to hire FIU Law students and plans on offering Russell an associates position after he graduates and clears the Florida Bar. “To the extent that my friends and colleagues can afford to bring on clerks, I encourage them to hire FIU Law students,” says Brumfield. “I am confident they will not be disappointed.” 


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