Alumni Q&A: Aston Wilson Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney & NFL Agent
Aston Wilson Jr. ’05 , JD ’11

Aston Wilson Jr., who received his Juris Doctor from the Florida International University College of Law in 2011, has opened his own law firm, Aston Wilson, P.A. Mr. Wilson also graduated from Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and as an Honor College graduate.

Wilson recently discussed his career path and what it’s like to be a sports agent and a criminal defense attorney.

Did you always want to be a sports agent? What about that career appealed to you?

I am actually a criminal defense attorney and an NFL Agent.  When I was young I participated in every sport, baseball, basketball and football.  I always knew I would be a lawyer but my first dream was to play a professional sport.  After playing football at FIU and attempting to play in the NFL I decided that I could become a lawyer and still be involved in sports by becoming an agent.

Most people think agent and they think “Show me the money!” but what appealed to me about becoming an agent was the ability to use my law degree and still be involved with sports.  My mother and father raised me on sports, I was basically born in a major league baseball park, I have just always loved sports.  As for law, I am not sure what the deciding factor was for me at eight years old, but I always wanted to go to law school.

Apart from being a sports agent, what has your career path entailed?

Like I said earlier, I am a criminal defense attorney.  I have hung out my shingle and opened my own law firm, Aston Wilson, P.A.  My firm focuses on criminal matters and helping people defend their rights while protecting their ability to receive a fair trial and due process of law.  My professional career in both law and as a sports agent have both required endless hard work and I would not want it any other way.

What is your typical day like?

Honestly, no two days are ever the same, but currently I am right in the thick of the NFL Draft season and have been traveling to attend my clients’ Pro Days at their respective schools.  Pro Day is a day in which a college player gets to show his skills in front of multiple NFL scouting personnel. Simultaneously, I manage my criminal caseload, which after about a year in practice has included everything from petit theft to a double homicide trial that was on the ‘First 48’ on A&E.

What are some of the key issues you work on in your job?

Customer service, developing relationships, evaluating evidence and facts, and time management.

You received your undergraduate and law degrees from FIU. How did your time at FIU prepare you for your career?

FIU has been a part of my life for 11 years now.  I am a graduate of The Honors College, a member of the inaugural FIU football team and the first FIU football player to graduate from FIU College of Law.  So FIU has played in integral role in preparing me in both areas of my career.  The skills and network I acquired at FIU are at the foundation of my businesses.

What advice would you offer to current FIU Law students interested in pursuing a similar career path?

If you want to pursue a career as an NFL agent I can offer you two pieces of advice: 1) Start saving your money now and 2) start building your network now.

If you want to become a criminal defense attorney, I suggest patience, open mindedness and relentless work ethic.

What was one of your favorite Law School classes, and why?

Negotiation and Mediation (see the NFL Agent connection?) was my favorite class at FIU.  Beside that I knew negotiation would be something I was interested in Professor Knox was a great professor and I really enjoyed having him teach the class.  He always kept it interesting and fun.

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